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Im getting a jellyfish!

Hey y’all! Im getting a pet jellyfish! Im getting it from the site ” JellyTank “. The tank costs $275! And the jellyfish costs $22. The tank has to be special or the jellyfish will get sucked into the filter and liquify. So you the tank has to be special and it has to replicate the ocean currents for the jellyfish to stay alive. Im am getting a moon jellyfish. They glow and are harmless to humans. But first I am getting a white cloud mountain minnow so I can get in the habit of taking care of a marine animal.

I’m A Boy And Some Girls Are Stronger Than Me — Raising My Rainbow(this is very intresting and heart warming you are a good kid C.j p.s I did not write this so I hope you don’t consider this copywrite comment wether you think so or not, look this up cause its not the full version )

We were on our way to C.J.’s parent-teacher conference when he said he had something to tell us before we got to the school. I panicked for a moment. No parent wants a surprise announcement on the way to (or during) a parent-teacher conference. C.J. is in fifth grade and his teacher has students not […]

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Minecraft Tips n Tricks

A New Start


If you are new to Minecraft, this is the site for you, It will give you all the info you need to survive and thrive in Minecraft. From building your first house to defeating the dreaded ender dragon, so if your a beginner or if your exprienced just want learn some neat tricks and tips then read on!


The Beginning

If you want to survive in Minecraft you need a house, so first, start with collecting wood. Walk up to a tree and make sure the little white + (this is called the crosshairs) is pointing at the tree and left click it will look like you are punching, which you are. you will start to see cracks and a block of wood should plop to the ground walk up to it to pick it up it should pop up in your hotbar (the 9 squares on the bottom of your screen. To open your inventory press e, or if your playing on a mobile the … next to your hotbar, and for xbox press y ( if in creative press x for creative inventory it will have every single material, block, weapon, tool, armor everything, and unlimited access to all of them!). When you get into your inventory you will for boxes that make a square put the piece of wood it left click and drag it, then in the single box next to it will appear 4 wood planks. Congrats!!! you just crafted your first item! exellent job!


Your First Build


Now that you now know how to craft it’s time to take it one step further. Take the 4 wood and fill the crafting spaces with them and a crafting table will pop up take it. Now go collect at least 15 more pieces of wood (wood not wood planks).And make them into wood planks and place the crafting table(ct) and right click it or the oppisite of the mining button( that goes for all platforms for moblie just tap it) .And stack to wood planks (wp) in the 3×3 crafting area and you will get 4 sticks then put two sticks in aline in the center then put 3 wp across and a pickaxe should pop up. Congrats!!!! you made your first tool! Next look for a mountain and  go to it and see if you can find a cave if you can’t then make a two block wide hole in the ground (number one rule of minecraft, Never dig straight down. Well I break that rule a lot but it does not matter, because there are no rules in mineraft!), mine some of the stone and do the exact same thing we did to make a wood pick(pick is pickaxe in case you did not know)exept with cobblestone instead of wp.  Dig 2 blocks down in the block that you and not standing on repeat until you find a cave system if you see anything out of the ordinary, mine it. if you find a orangeish rock then mine it you will have to smelt it so get 8 cobblecobble stone and fill the crafting table so it is full exept in the middle. Take it and place it down, right click it and put some wp in the bottom slot and put the iron/gold (gold is rarer than iron but iron ids better gold is yup you guessed it a yellow specked rock but it is very weak and can only be mined with an iron pick).  It should work, wait a little bit (you don’t have to be in the furnace for it to work)and you will find an iron ingot. now hold the jump and the place button will holding so blocks and you should evenualy reach the surface. When you do make a 5×5 square with cobblestone and repeat 3 times in that shape then put a roof, and find a side you want your door to be and make a 2 block high space then go to your crafting table and fill 2/3s of your space and you should get a door, then place it in the door space. Then find a tree and mine it if you don’t already have cole then you don’t need to to do this. Whenyou done collecting wood smelt it you can make one wood block (wb) would planks. You should find charcoal in your furnace, then go to your crafting space (table or inventory it does not matter)and put a stick on the bottom and and charcoal on the top. This should make torches then go inside your house and place some on the wall.Congrats!! you just made your first house!!!!!! yay!!!!!!


A Split Decision 


Here comes the hard part you have to choose if you want to be a master builder or continue with the game. Comment below which one and all add up the comments for each and do the most popular one.